Baan Computer

Nowadays people insist on being connected wherever they are in the world. Sometimes this is wishful thinking – you are not going to get a wifi signal in a Nepalese guesthouse high in the Himalayas. However, in Baan Tai it is easy to get on the internet. Most resorts, hotels and backpacker hostels have free wifi. Many restaurants, bars and cafes do too. At the same time there are fewer public computers available to rent by the minute. This reflects the growing trend for travellers to bring smart phones or laptop computers on holiday with them. Unfortunately the salty sea breeze and the sand can cause damage to devices. Luckily help is on hand – Baan Computer in Baan Tai offers repair services as well as other computer services.

Baan Computer is located in Baan Tai Village. Look for the phone booth next to the seaside. Behind the phone booth is a two-storey white building. In this building you will find the friendly Patrick ready to help you with your computer problems.

The shop is foreign-run. It has a very good reputation. They not only fix computers, they also sell computer parts as well as software.

The only intriguing thing about Baan Computer is their website. Each page of the website is the same! Is this because they are too busy fixing computers to complete their own homepage or is it a case of Koh Phangan lassitude?


Phone: 077 238 124
Mobile: 081 326 73 74

Baan Computer