Baan Tai covers a wide area. It is a long beach and there is plenty of flat land behind the beach for setting up small businesses. For many it was a surprise when Koh Phangan Airport was announced that the proposed site for building was the mountainous terrain of the East Coast iof Koh Phangan rather than the flat jungle of Baan Tai. It is less of a surprise that there has been a proliferation of hostels in Baan Tai. It is an effective business model. Nobody could have stated that formula quite as succinctly as Beach Bed and Bar.

The hostel is located on the beach near the centre of Baan Tai, a short distance from Kiteboarding Asia Koh Phangan. They have 17 accommodation spaces in which they manage to squeeze 120 beds. That’s the bed category ticked. Beach nearby ticked. And of course there is a restaurant and bar on the beach that serves cold beers, cocktails, spirits and shakes as well as cheap food. All ticked.


The location of the hostel is near lots of bars, restaurants and nightspots. It is also near shops and bike rental businesses. You are very much at the heart of the Baan Tai scene when you stay at Beach Bar and Bed.


All dorms have a shared bathroom and toilet as well as air-con and a locker for each bed. Here are the bed options:

  • 20 bed dorm. Starts at 190 THB
  • 8 bed mixed dorm. Starts at 200 THB
  • 4 bed female dorm. It is like a big bungalow. Good for a group of girls. Starts at 250 THB per person
  • 6 bed dorm. Starts at 220 THB
  • 4 bed mixed dorm. Starts at 250 THB
  • Deluxe bungalow with sea view. Starts at 1,290 THB

There is only one deluxe bungalow. It has a large double bed, air-con, bathroom and balcony with hammock. Not very deluxe, but more so than the 20 bed dorm. Prices obviously go up at high seasons in January and August as well as peak seasons such as Christmas and the FMPs.


There is a restaurant on the beach front. It has a standard menu with curry, noodles, burgers, pizza etc. They also have music and booze to get people in the party mood.

When not in the party mood guests can use the free wifi.

Other services: laundry, vehicle hire and safety box


With 120 beds available you can nearly always be certain of getting a dorm bed if you turn up at Bed Beach and Bar without a reservation. For only 60 THB ($2) extra each a group of 4 women can get their own bungalow.

It is hard to complain about the price if you are travelling alone. Other cheap hostels are not on the beach. As I mentioned before, this place has gone for Ronseal branding – it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Booking for Bed Beach and Bar is available through Agoda. Click the button below to check availability.

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Beach Bed and Bar – It Does What it Says on the Tin
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