Baan Tai is the best place in Koh Phangan to learn how to kiteboard. For those not familiar with the ‘extreme’ sport it involves being dragged by a kite across the sea with your feet attached to a large board similar to a snow board.

Baan Tai beach has the ideal conditions for the fun activity – the sea is normally calm, with just a few waves to bounce over, and a decent amount of sea breeze to propel you over the water. When the wind gets up you can enjoy some awesome air time. This all comes with practice of course. The sea is shallow here making it good to practice. However, there is a coral reef 200 meters off the coast to be aware of.

Tuition is supplied by KBA (Kite Boarding Asia). They have shops over Thailand and farther afield in other sites in Asia. They have tons of experience teaching kiteboarding, and the teachers in Koh Phangan are no exception. KBA has teachers certified by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation). They also have insurance!

The wind comes from all directions, over the course of the year, in Koh Phangan. KBA uses 3 kiteboarding spots to make the most of this phenomenon.

The shop has all the equipment you need: kite, board, harness etc. It is all the best gear by top brands such as Cabrinha, Airush, Ozone, Peter Lynn, Slingshot, Naish, North, Nobile and Mystic. You can rent equipment if you know how to kiteboard already; you can rent equipment and pay for tuition; and you can buy equipment to take home with you if you get really hooked on the sport.


1 Day Discovery Course -4,000 THB
3 Day Course – 11,000 THB
Refresher / Improver Course – 4,000 THB
Private Kitesurf Lesson – 8,000 THB


KBA is located at the centre of Baan Tai beach near Milky Bay Resort


Although the wind can come from any direction in Koh Phangan here is the annual schedule for KBA:

Chaloklum (North-east wind, October to January)
Baan Tai and Woktum (South-east wind, January to April)
Baan Tai (Westerly wind, May to September)

KBA Website:
Telephone: +66 (0)8 06 000 573

Kiteboarding in Baan Tai
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