The Surat Thani governor on March 25 ordered Koh Phangan district to put up an announcement on the ban for party organisers and others until organisers can find a way to solve the problems. Violators will face legal action.

District chief Kriak-krai Songthani

News was reported today by the Bangkok Post (see link below) that all outdoor large parties on Koh Phangan would be stopped immediately with the exception of the monthly Full Moon Party. This means the Half Moon Party, Jungle Experience, Black Moon Culture, Rhythm and Sands and the other outdoor parties in Haad Rin and Baan Tai will be banned.

The police will be hard pushed to turn a blind eye to the running of all night parties since the decree from provincial governor Chatpong Chatput to solve the problem of noise pollution in Koh Phangan. They were pressured by the current government shortly after taking control to stop the parties. Now the pressure has gone up a whole other level.

It is less clear whether other smaller parties elsewhere on the island will also be made to stop. The complaint is about noise pollution essentially. Guy’s Bar Party at Haad Thian is on a tiny beach with little development. It spills out on to the beach and goes on all-night. Does that count? The Haad Chao Party – Moon Set Party – is loud and on the beach. Will that also get stopped? Baan Sabai on Baan Tai Beach has after parties. They are loud and in the morning.

The party culture of Koh Phangan will be confined to Haad Rin for the one party. The FMP is the biggest draw card for the island. It helps generate 7 billion Baht a year.

The problem is that people into party culture come to Koh Phangan. The culture will remain but without its outlets in all night parties with DJs, buckets, fire dancing and young people ‘going for it’. Will one party in Haad Rin be enough?


Party Ban in Koh Phangan
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