Recovery Room is the name of an outdoor bar and dance venue on Baan Tai Beach. It is hard to classify the place as it has no real building. There is a small bar where they mix the drinks. The guests, however, all sit on the sand or on wooden decking.

Moreover, the dance floor is on the sand. For those who like to feel the sand between their toes when feeling the dance music Recovery Room is ideal.

What is called an ‘underground’ experience is organised by Two Rocks Bungalows in Baan Tai.  It is a regular bar that holds lots of DJ events. The bar is open 12pm to 2am every night, except for on the Full Moon Party nights when it stays open until 6am. On non-FMP weeks the main party is Friday night. The volume gets cranked up at 8pm.

The music that is played is usually house music. As an aside, it is good to see house music fighting back against the trance music that has long dominated the music scene in Koh Phangan. Loi Lay Floating Bar, Sramanora Waterfall Party as well as other club nights and bars are flying the house flag. Who knows maybe drum and bass evenings will start up?

Recovery Room doesn’t run a Facebook page or a website. It is best to wander down the beach and see if anything is going on. No doubt you will hear the party before you will see it.

Recovery Room
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