Baan Kai is next to Baan Tai, on the way to Haad Rin. There is no marker separating the two beaches except for a river that appears on the beach in the wet season. Down a track off the main road you come across a waterfall and a party venue. This is where an outdoor party occurs twice a month called the Sramanora Waterfall Party.

The party started a few years ago (in 2011) and was originally called ‘Blue and Green Sramanora Waterfall Party’. The colours were a reference to a German techno party and self-medication. Over the years, the reference proved uninspiring and now the party is simply called Sramanora Waterfall Party, which is still a bit of a mouth full. ‘Sramanora’ means ‘Stone River’ incidentally.

The party happens 2 nights before and 2 nights after the full moon party. Although the party is not officially in Baan Tai, it is in fact closer to Baan Tai beach than the Half Moon Party. It is a popular party that focuses on minimal house and tech-house.

A waterfall with a basin where you can cool off and a jungle setting away from the main road and main tourist areas adds the ambience to the party. It used to be a free daytime party but now it is a paying all-night party. This has improved the event, as the crowd is less Sunday afternoon and more Friday night. The energy levels are higher and the tech-house sets fire up the crowd.

Entry to Sramanora Waterfall Party is 300 Thai Baht. To get to the party follow the main Baan Tai to Haad Rin Road to just before the big hill. There is a sign on the left marking the turning. For 2km it is a concrete road that abruptly ends. After that it is a 1km walk through the jungle. Motorbikes can make the last bit but taxis can’t.

If you come over the Full Moon Party period for a few days then you should have the Sramanora Waterfall Party on your radar.

Sramanora Waterfall Party in Baan Kai
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